Rather than rely upon technology to produce the lettering, we’ve returned to the craft of traditional sign painting. For our purposes, this ‘old fashioned’ hand lettered approach offers several benefits over mass-production methods.

We design many of our own fonts, as well as improvise and customize standards. “One-stroke-lettering” is the old-school method employed to create many typefaces with a single stroke of an old sign quill, properly loaded with paint.

– When painted by hand, script, or ‘cursive’ letters connect in a flowing fashion, as opposed to individually pasted letter decals, produced by sign-making plotters.

– Evidence of the etched brush stroke is often visible in our signs, as opposed to the “perfect” letter‘s edge and font, found in decals and spray-painted signs.

– The hand-lettering method affords flexibility as to letter size, so our signs aren’t restricted to big and clunky fonts, nor are we limited to typefaces that omit delicate and classic serif styles. Often, we include the author’s name in a very small typeface or a free-flowing script style.

– With consideration for individual features in each stave, the high quality of hand lettering by Wine Cellar Signs is consistent – no matter how diverse the surface!

All signs are lettered with a sparkle-luster gold enamel.

Hand-lettered Wine Signs