Signs displayed on our site indicate the layout-design of the lettering only, as opposed to the specific color and texture of the actual stave you’ll receive.

Staves recovered from red wine barrels have developed a deep, beautiful burgundy color: the wine has stained and soaked into the grain during the fermentation process. Oak staves recovered from white wine barrels are a rich, golden sepia tone – but range in color from golden-red to a deep, dark brown black.
* The majority of Wine Cellar Signs are produced from red wine barrels.

The surface textures vary almost as much as the color does. Some are smooth as glass, while others display remarkable visual evidence of the wine-making process. Small blisters, cracks and bubbles are an intrinsic characteristic of the barrel staves.

If you have a preference in this regard, please use the NOTES box in the final Check-Out of our site can to request your preference regarding texture preference: “smooth” or “aged”. We’ll do our best to match your request from our massive collection of wine barrel staves…

Unfinished Barrel Staves

Our Original Idea
to refinish the inside face of these sugar-soaked
and wine-stained old barrel staves was formulated in 2007.

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